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Uncommon Sense - Turn on the radio

2021-08-27  Karlos Naimwhaka

Uncommon Sense - Turn on the radio

Karlos Naimwhaka

Turn on the radio For once, turn off the television and your smartphone. Put down magazines and newspapers, for they are not only distractions but weapons of mass deception. At least, occasionally, leave the concrete jungle where you are all lured to with the glitter and bright lights in the promise of a future that never comes to pass.

Pack a bag with nothing but a tent and a sleeping bag. Find a safe place somewhere in the mountains, where you can quietly sit and listen to the radio. 

The broadcast has been ongoing since the entrance into this worldly realm but never tuned in. 

The world and the forbearers never gave you a chance to tune in, for they too were never given an opportunity to do so. The church and the government were the first to get your attention and made it look like it is for one’s good, but only “God knows”. 

They have set the responsibility upon themselves to determine

your destiny even before you could utter a word.

The broadcast is always on for each and everyone – and the frequency is readily available for one to tune in. It is the same frequency in which Nikola Tesla tuned in – and in his mysterious discovery, he adopted the frequency for the radio wave. 

Hence, he said when thinking about life, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. 

Since the broadcast is forever ongoing and the frequency readily available, the only thing lacking is the awareness and skill to tune in.

Some may have learned from the monks of the Himalayas. 

Some may have stumbled upon it by accident, but it is all one and the same. 

It may not be the ultimate answer or path but at least it is pointing to it. Obviously, tuning shall not come on a silver platter or shortcut. 

It requires that one does the work, either voluntarily or through a painful process of metamorphosis or the dark night of the soul. 

Just as a rough diamond goes through extreme pressure and polishing enough to get its sparkle, so must one allow themselves to go through the uneasy process of tuning in.

Turn on the radio of your intuition and raise your vibration enough to be in sync with the earth’s frequency.

 Only then can you hear the whisper of not only the message but, more importantly, divine guidance. For too long its voice has been drowned by every distraction and the external search for what is already within.

Go into nature with the knowledge that you are nature too and that there is no separation, therefore only returning to what you already are. As you leave the Babylonian concrete jungle behind, even though not for good, remember that you are going home. 

Remember you are not only going to rest but to connect, regenerate and restore every part of you that has been lost. Be still in solitude, meditate and listen to the wind and the songs of the birds, for these are the sounds of the radio.


 By Karlos TheGreat


Uncommon Sense is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka

2021-08-27  Karlos Naimwhaka

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