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Union promises better security wages

2021-03-18  Maihapa Ndjavera

Union promises better security wages
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The Solidarity Union, representing security guards, has promised to resuscitate the debate around minimum wages come April 2021. 

The union representative, David Frans, said the union will submit a wage proposal per company as of April where union members are in good standing. 

Frans remained adamant that a wage increment is provided for in the Labour Act No 11 of 2007.

Reading the proposal yesterday, Frans said employees who earn N$8.75 per hour, should have their wages adjusted to N$10.00 per hour. 

Those who earn N$10.00 per hour should receive an increment to N$15.00 per hour.

He further noted that security guards never received a wage increment since 2016 while he described their living conditions as unfavourable. 

Frans continued that the minimum wage negotiation will be achieved through engagement with the Security Association of Namibia, and the labour ministry. 

“The union is seeking a mandate from the members and all security guards for us to succeed in this struggle for decent work for all workers,” Frans added.

According to him, the union wants to make it categorically clear to all employers to co-operate and re-join the minimum wage forum without further delays.

Frans believes the participation of more unions will yield the best possible results and feels minimum wages should not be imposed in any way by the Labour Commission.  

“We are extending a hand of co-operation to all industry unions to join hands and to heed to this call and join Solidarity Union in unison with the view to assist the poor working employees to receive decent salaries and be treated equally in this independent Namibia,” he urged. Solidarity Union is an affiliate of the National Labour Organisation (Nanlo).

2021-03-18  Maihapa Ndjavera

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