• July 19th, 2019
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Unsolicited emails may lead to loss of funds

Staff Reporter Windhoek-FNB Namibia wishes to warn against a recent increase in unsolicited emails to customers – most of which have been confirmed as phishing emails and have been shut down by the bank. These mails seemingly warn the customer that the bank has supposedly detected suspicious activity on their account and then requests the customer to urgently click on a link for verification so that their account will not be forcefully closed or deleted by the bank. Ingrid Kahona-Katjiukua from Forensics at FNB Namibia explains: “This is a clever ploy by fraudsters because most customers panic when told their account might be closed. Some tend to then react instead of first phoning the bank to enquire the validity of such an email.” Ingrid emphasises that the bank will never ask customers to click on a link in an email. “Links in an email should be a warning sign to customers. It’s important to look at the spelling and grammar within the mail. Another red flag would be the numerous mistakes which are often in fraudulent emails.” FNB Namibia encourages customers to phone the bank immediately and ask about correspondence received. “Please phone your branch, personal banker or FNB contact person first before taking any action,” says Ingrid.
New Era Reporter
2018-04-25 09:55:13 1 years ago

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