• July 5th, 2020

unWrap - Kaboy Kamakili to drop visuals and a second album

June Shimuoshili

Dubbed as the people’s favourite and internet sensation Kaboy Kamakili is all about quality delivery of content that people love to see. The kwaito star who is signed under Mshasho Records and whose biography is hard to complete without the mention of hard work and dedication has something for his fans which he has not delivered yet, visuals. 

The ‘Ohafutu’ singer has hinted on his social mediums about dropping the music videos of Kukuta as well as Day And Night hit songs on his current album Zama Boy. 

Speaking to unwrap.online, Kaboy Kamakili who confirms to be working on his second album says nothing came on a silver platter for him, as he always had to fend for himself, even if it meant getting in trouble with the law. 

“ I do not hide the fact that I have been in prison because everyone makes mistakes and that is not who you are. I have learned a lot during the time I have been working with King Tee Dee and my manager. There are more guys that are much younger than me who are exposed to the same type of life that I was in. I want to work towards being a good example of how one can overcome their worst situations and bad influences. It is an ongoing process that is rewarding if you commit to it,” he concluded.

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