• April 7th, 2020

unWrap - Luis Munana speaks about rape threats ‘You don’t know how many of these i get’

June Shimuoshili

Being a celebrity is something the majority believe to be an easy and lavish lifestyle, where all one does is use their creativity and people instantly fall in love with them. However, with the availability of social media, instead of keeping up with their fans, some also use it to troll and stalk them.
Luis Munana is one of the few who have outed their trollers lately.

In a tweet, Munana exposed an unruly troll as captioned “Asking for myself, what would you do?", citing an unidentified Instagram user who wrote: 
“I will rape you one-day LUIS.”

When asked by unwrap.online what his actions against the person will be, the model and Waka Waka Moo founder said law enforcers are involved. 

“If only you knew how many of these I get. This is the most recent one. I will fight; nobody will touch me. There was one who was extremely persistent but I threatened them with the police and blocked them,” he said. 

Responding to his tweet, Luis’ followers all seem to agree the threat is inappropriate and legal actions should be taken.

Luis Munana is not the only personality to have received the crazy end of fans/stalkers. Last year, award-winning producer and musician Big Ben took legal action over a fan who has been disturbing his peace and privacy over years via text messages and stalking.
-Photos: Instagram and Twitter 


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