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Vikta Juiceboy appreciates life on ‘Bless Up’

2019-11-08  Staff Reporter

Vikta Juiceboy appreciates life on ‘Bless Up’

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- Earlier this year, Vikta Juiceboy released his debut album titled ‘Bless Up’, which is available in most local retail shops and on all digital platforms.

 Vikta Juiceboy, known as Victor Moses, titled his first album ‘Bless Up’, which has to do with appreciating life. “It’s all about how someone is grateful for the gift of life. No matter what the ups and downs are, the pain, happiness, just whatever it comes with. It also means to pass out positive energy. That’s what the album is about, gratefulness and positivity,” he said.

The 21-year-old Namibia University of Science and Technology final year student said it did not take him long to produce the album. 

“I can say maybe a year. I started working on it in February 2018 and had 47 songs to pick from by February 2019,” Vikta Juiceboy explained.

 His favourite song on the album is ‘Been There’. “It is the 11th track on the album.” On this track, he gets to talk to God and appreciate him for always coming through for him no matter what. The beats are killer and the track touches his soul every time he listens to it.

 This is one of the richest albums to surface and that has to do with the fellow Namibian artists he has collaborated with. “I got to work with Exit, ML, Neslow, K-dio, Tk the Rapper, King Elegant, Slime, Princelou, Odie the Poet, C-square and Kay Rock on this project. Can I say these guys gave me the best experience ever,” detailed Vikta Juiceboy, further expressed his gratitude for having worked with them.
“I learned a lot from them and all studio sessions were lit. No lie. A big shoutout to them. ‘Bless Up’,” he exclaimed. 

 The 18-track album is not genre-specific. He cannot say he has a specific genre that he does. Vikta Juiceboy considers himself as a rapper that does any genre. So long as it has a vibe. 

 He credits his father, friends, and fans for the support and encourages everyone not to be afraid of failure. “Rather fear not trying. When the going gets tough, put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Keep your head up and turn your lights up. I know you’ll make it. It doesn’t mean when it’s day end its life end too. By the way, it’s not your life anymore if you live by people’s rules. Go and get your dream child,” he encouraged.

2019-11-08  Staff Reporter

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