• May 30th, 2020

Villagers not in despair over poor rainfall

Stefanus Nambara

NKURENKURU – Despite the poor rainfall received during the past rainy season, some villagers of Kapako Constituency in Kavango West Region are not living in despair over the future as they have already started clearing their crop fields.

Nkutu village, located in this constituency, is now dry and this time around, it is still too early for the indigenous forecasters to predict the amount of rain awaited.

But villagers have started clearing their lands for cultivation – saying they have high hopes.
The current drought situation did not stop Taimi Muronga and Regina Ngoma and their families from tightening their belts for the next rainy season, as they are part of those that are hopeful for better rain this year.

“God will remember us and maybe it will rain this year. We have not given up, we will continue clearing the fields,” said Muronga, donned a sky-blue t-shirt resembling the unclouded sky of Nkutu village.
Muronga adds that it has been tough for her and her family since last year as their yields were too poor or rather nothing, compared to the past when good rains were received.

She said that they ploughed but unfortunately, all their crops died at an advance stage from the scorching heat that prevailed as soon as the little rain they had received stopped.

“The drought spell has affected us. Last year, we only managed to harvest five bags and as for this year, we did not get anything,” she exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Ngoma, also from Nkutu village says sitting idle will not help but may only cause regrets later.
She adds that should it rain, those that are preparing for it will plough and probably have a good harvest.
“We will continue cultivating, maybe God will send us rain,” added another villager Laurencia Musova Kanyanga.

Entering Nkutu village, one could easily tell that nothing came out of some fields as the furrows could still be seen visible.

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