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Walvis unveils ‘progressive’ strategic plan

2022-06-21  Eveline de Klerk

Walvis unveils ‘progressive’ strategic plan

WALVIS BAY – The Walvis Bay municipality yesterday launched its strategic plan for the current period until 2026, with an emphasis on transforming the harbour town into an industrial hub.

The strategic plan aims to take a critical look at the housing challenges the town faces, and it will embark upon initiatives such as coordinated low-cost and affordable housing schemes as well as the decongestion of Tutaleni and backyard shacks.

 The plan is also expected to guide council, management and employees to transform the town into Namibia’s industrial hub of choice for integrated investment opportunities that will bring about economic wealth and employment opportunities for its residents.

 Speaking at the launch of the plan, acting CEO David Uushona said the plan comprises eight strategic objectives that council wants to achieve within the next four years. 

“Our plan aims to create a conducive business environment, which also includes an improved service delivery strategy to attract investment and increase economic and employment opportunities,” he said.

“We also, under these objectives, want to provide sufficient service land infrastructure for housing at affordable prices to cater for the needs of our growing population. As you know, housing is one of our biggest challenges, and we will be addressed it through the strategic plan.”

According to the strategic plan, council also plans to improve service delivery while at the same time ensuring financial sustainability by increasing its revenue streams through new initiatives and effective debt management.

Speaking during the launch, Walvis Bay mayor Trevino Forbes said the need for a new guiding tool was a need for council since the last strategic plan lapsed.

“We can finally claim that we were fully part of the strategic plan, as councillors from all political parties were part of the process that also included some management employees,” he said.

He added the process also allowed them to assess the current situation of the town, while also determining where they want to be within the next five years.

“When we came to office, the previous plan had already lapsed. Now, we are looking forward to the execution of the current plan, as it will allow us to be proactive and also give us a sense of direction. There is nothing worse than heading an institution with no direction. However, this plan will guide us in terms of our challenges such as housing delivery and will also allow us to hold administration accountable for the implementation of the plan,” he said.



2022-06-21  Eveline de Klerk

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