• July 16th, 2020

Wanted suspect fatally shot after attacking cop

WINDHOEK - A police officer reportedly shot and killed a man who allegedly attacked him with an unknown object, while resisting arrest in Katutura on Sunday evening. The man was out on bail on a number of robbery cases, according to the police. He was shot in the abdomen by an undercover police officer who apprehended him in order to effect a lawful arrest. According to the police, the suspect was unruly and resisted arrest when police officers caught up with him. “One of the deceased’s friend then allegedly threw a bottle which hit one police officer on the back of his head and he fled. One undercover officer pursued the suspect who hit him with a bottle,” the police said on Monday. “While the other officer remained to arrest the wanted suspect, he was attacked by the deceased with an unknown object on the right hand where he sustained injury.” The police added the wanted suspect continued to attack the officer even though he fired warning shots to scare off the deceased. “To avoid further stabbing and injuries as the officer was allegedly cornered by the suspect, the officer defended himself and thus shot the suspect.” The deceased was identified as John Dauseb. The police officer is reportedly in a stable condition and recovering from injuries sustained during the confrontation. The police also confirmed that the matter is under investigation. “This is an unfortunate and regrettable incident which could have been avoided had the suspect cooperated with the officers who only intended to effect a lawful arrest. Our emphasis has been and continues to say the public must cooperate when approached by law enforcement enforcers. Fighting, threatening, injuring and undermining the officers in the execution of their duties serve no purpose. It is a wrong approach because in most cases it always turns out disastrous. It must be avoided at all times,” the police said.

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2019-12-04 07:36:38 | 7 months ago

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