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Waving the magic makeup brush

2021-11-12  Staff Reporter

Waving the magic makeup brush
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  Emilie Shimbali


Is beauty still in the eyes of the beholder or is it now in the hands of a makeup artist? 

In recent years makeup artists have continuously raised the bar and made professional makeup mainstream.

Nowadays, it is uncommon for people to go without having done their makeup professionally for social or professional event. 

Maya Haimbodi, who does makeup for a living, believes innovation in her field has the potential to dominate the beauty industry.

“I believe that makeup is the future because most of the women feel more comfortable and confident wearing makeup. Most of the girls are inspired by my work, and always tell me that they want to be makeup artists in future,” she said.

Since Haimbodi began posting pictures of herself on social media with eye-catching face beats, the 22-year-old said she has been flooded with messages from wedding planners, looking for makeup for their brides and bridesmaids. 

She has even been contacted by celebrities like chef and model Geneva Crow, which has encouraged her to work even harder. 

The incredible part about Haimbodi is that she is self-taught through watching YouTube videos and tutorials.

“While I was unemployed, I decided to start watching makeup tutorials because I enjoy drawing. It’s funny how I started with the brows and got them just right before moving on to the rest of the face.”

It turns out her clients typically go glam for weddings, photoshoots, baby showers and even engagement shoots. 

Her goal is to create new innovations, using the available ingredients to give women more confidence.

Haimbondi, who is based in Windhoek, recently participated in the Windhoek Fashion Week pitch night, where she showcased her makeup skills and was named one of the winners.

Not only does makeup for women, but also for men. 

She is currently providing one-on-one makeup lessons to those interested in joining the makeup business.




2021-11-12  Staff Reporter

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