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'We should check in on our families'…Luis encourages his followers to be cautious

2021-07-13  Staff Reporter

'We should check in on our families'…Luis encourages his followers to be cautious
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In the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, which has claimed millions of lives, several people are paranoid and anxious about the virus. 

In an Insta story he shared recently, media personality Luis Munana shared some words of gratitude with his followers. 

He encouraged them to be grateful for being alive and said people need to be cautious and take care of themselves.

“We should check in on our families because there are people who are going through the most – either by losing a loved one or by testing positive. I just want to remind you about being grateful and to check up on your loved ones.”

As his birthday approaches, Munana says he is thankful for the accomplishments he has made during his illustrious career. 

He revealed that he usually does not celebrate his birthday – but that this year, he feels blessed, so he will celebrate it.

He encouraged his fans to live life to the fullest and be happy. Last year, Luis announced that he started building his house, and he has been showing off the exterior of the dwelling. This three-bedroom home features three bathrooms, a gym, an office, and a cinema room – to mention but a few.

Currently, he is working on the roof, which he said is about to reach completion. Luis has pleaded with anyone willing to spoil him for his birthday to give material for his house.

Another celeb who was stressed by the new variant of Covid-19 is Somizi Mhlongo. He recently went shopping for a few necessities and revealed that he felt paranoid to be outside of his home.

“Hi family; guys, I’m not okay. Anxiety, anxiety, anxiety is gonna be the death of us, literally. I’m not okay. I’m overly paranoid and there are new variants of the virus every single day, so I’m pleading with everyone who has a chance to listen to this – please, let’s be safe and take extra caution as we have never done it before,” he said.

“Guys, kubi (it’s really bad). Like, I’m out here to buy essentials, and it’s things I really, really need – like medication and stuff – and already, I made sure I didn’t touch anything or see anyone. Someone was asking for a picture and I was like ‘not today; not ever! Not now; not soon’. Like, you never know.”

2021-07-13  Staff Reporter

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