• January 20th, 2020

Whistle blower gets bail of N$1000

WINDHOEK – An employee of the Office of the Judiciary who was in police custody for threatening his employer’s life was released on bail yesterday in Windhoek Magistrate’s Court. 

Simon Nghidinwa Namwandi, 31, was arrested on June 21, following death threats he allegedly made against senior officials in the Judiciary after they failed to take action towards the alleged corruption he had reported.  
Namwandi is charged with counts of intimidation, assault by threat, theft and alternatively unlawful use of property.

Magistrate Samunzala Samunzala yesterday released Namwandi on bail of N$1000 after a formal bail hearing that was held last week. 

As a condition of his release, Namwandi was warned not to interfere with ongoing investigations nor with state witnesses directly or indirectly. 

Furthermore, he must get prior consent from the investigating officer Warrant Officer Deon Garoeb, if he wants to leave the district of Windhoek. 

During the bail hearing, Namwandi testified that he anonymously tipped off Rolanda van Wyk, Executive Director in the Office of the Judiciary of un-procedural and corrupt appointment of an official within the office.

According to him, he had sent email messages to senior management, finance and human resources departments in the judiciary, informing them of the alleged corrupt practices. Failure to get a satisfactory response, he allegedly reached out to the Anti-Corruption Commission, the Office of Chief Justice and judges of the High Court and the Public Service Commission amongst a few. 

He further testified that they too failed to act which ultimately made him give his ultimatum of carrying out a shooting at the judiciary. 

According to investigating officer Warrant Garoeb, Namwandi indicated in his emails that should no action be taken a fatal shooting similar to what transpired at Global Fund offices at Windhoek City Center on January 28 might happen. Namwandi allegedly gave a deadline of June 30. 
The court postponed the matter to August 19, for further police investigations. 

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2019-07-02 09:45:19 | 6 months ago

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