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Windhoek malls ready to deal with looting threats

2021-07-16  Edgar Brandt

Windhoek malls ready to deal with looting threats
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Following a week of unrest in neighbouring South Africa, where protestors and looters have caused numerous deaths and millions of dollars in property damage, Windhoek shopping centre owners say they engaged their security service providers but do not expect any looting here.

The centre manager for Maerua Mall said the popular shopping destination is ready to deal with any potential threat from looters. 

In a statement from the mall’s management, Oryx Propperties, to the mall’s retail and service tenants, Johadrie de Villers stated that while the threats on social media of looting and political unrest at Windhoek’s major retail hubs could not be confirmed, the company has nonetheless engaged with its security service provider as well as the police to have emergency plans in place should any unwanted actions occur. 

“We kindly urge you to ensure your teams in store are prepped with emergency procedures on what is required of them to do in such an event,” read the communique.  De Villiers also asked mall tenants to share their relevant contact details of store managers and to add them to social media groups to ensure the centre’s management can share information fast and efficiently in case of any emergency. 

He further noted that on-site CCTV monitoring and security offers will be on full alert should there be any suspicious behaviour or unwanted crowd gatherings spotted.  The South African government yesterday said it plans to deploy 25 000 troops after days of widespread looting and violence. The military deployment – to counter riots sparked by the jailing of former President Jacob Zuma – is the biggest since the end of apartheid.

At least 72 people have died and more than 1 200 have been arrested in South Africa’s worst unrest in years. 

Hundreds of shops and businesses have been looted, and the government says it is acting to prevent food shortages.


2021-07-16  Edgar Brandt

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