• July 5th, 2020

Windhoek to sell 319 residential erven

WINDHOEK - The City of Windhoek will deliberate on the sale of 319 single residential erven in Rocky Crest Ext 4 and Kleine Kuppe Ext 1. Mayor of Windhoek Muesee Kazapua announced at the 8th ordinary council meeting on Thursday that in their quest to find answers to the lack of housing for the people, council continues with the efforts to hastily deliver serviced land. 

“The sale and allocation of the 319 single residential erfs, dear, residents, is a clear testimony that we are hard at work, in our quest to make serviced land available to our residents,” he said. The mayor stated council will deliberate on the sale of 231 residential erven in Rocky Crest Ext 4.

 He said the erven were serviced through a PPP arrangement between the City council and Otweya Land Developers (Pty) Ltd. Similarly, Kazapua said council will also deliberate on the sale of 88 single residential erven in Kleine Kuppe Ext 1. These erfs were serviced through a PPP arrangement between the City council and Chamac Investment (Pty) Ltd. 

However, City of Windhoek spokesperson Lydia Amutenya said the Rocky Crest items were deferred but the Kleine Kuppe item went through. 

In unrelated matter, Kazapua said the Windhoek municipality signed a friendship city agreement with the People’s Government of the City of Suzhou, at a ceremony held in Suzhou, China. He said the two cities have agreed to cooperate on important areas, which are key drivers in municipal service delivery and local economic development, such as economic development, trade, science and technology, culture, education, sport and health.  

Kazapua stated the two administrations agreed to draw up a working programme that will ensure the implementation of specific projects under the agreed areas of cooperation.
He noted emerging changes in municipal service delivery environment, presents a situation that no city can exist in isolation.

Furthermore, the mayor urged citizens not to occupy land in areas that are inhabitable or difficult to access in case of fire rescue. Kazapua said he requested the Mayor Relief Fund through its chairperson to advice on how they can sustainably reach out to victims of cases of this nature.

Selma Ikela
2019-09-30 07:15:09 | 9 months ago

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