• September 25th, 2020

Windstorms extensively damage property in Oshikoto

OMUTHIYA - As much as recent wet spells have brought delight to the communities of Oshikoto and other parts of the country, they have caused extensive damage to infrastructure including disrupting electricity supply. 

The late afternoon Sunday rainfall, which was preceded by windstorms, left many villages of Onyaanya and Omuntele constituencies without electricity for hours as electricity poles were flattened by the heavy swirling winds. Roofs of several buildings at Uuhama were also blown off. 

However, according to the constituency councillor for Onyaanya, Petrus Kambala, who went to assess the damage, no one was injured.

“The damage is quite big on properties, but we are grateful no life was lost during the incident,” Kambala briefly stated in a telephonic interview.

Last week heavy windstorms caused extensive damage to properties in Oniipa and some parts of Ondangwa in Oshana region. 

According to the latest rainfall report of the Namibia Meteorological Service, parts of the northern regions had some showers, with Omuthiya recording 14mm, Ondangwa 23.80mm, Oshakati 23mm with the least being 5mm for Okahao and 2mm for Opuwo. 

Parts of Oshana and parts of Oshikoto have annual rainfall ranging from 480mm in the west to 600mm in the east.

New Era last week reported that during the next three months leading up to December, forecasts are that the country will receive normal to above normal rainfall.  While during January, February and March there is likely to be normal to below normal rainfall, except in Zambezi region where normal to above normal rainfall is expected – that according to the Meteorological Service seasonal rainfall outlook report.

It further stated that there is a 35 percent probability in the above normal category, 40 percent probability in the normal category and 25 percent probability in the below normal category for the first rainy season ending in December.

During the first three months of next year, most of the country can expect a 25 percent probability in the above normal category, a 40 percent probability in the normal category and 35 percent probability in the below normal category.

Obrien Simasiku
2019-10-15 06:38:31 | 11 months ago

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