• February 26th, 2020

Witbeen: My privacy was invaded

WINDHOEK - Social media was a set ablaze on Wednesday when a leaked sex video of popular master of ceremony and TV personality Leonard Witbeen went viral.

It is said that the leaked video was loaded by Witbeen’s South African ex-lover onto popular porn site PornHub without his knowledge. 

Witbeen confirmed to Entertainment Now! that their relationship went sour three weeks ago and he called it off.
In retaliation, his unnamed ex-lover allegedly went through his personal computer and stole a file where the video of their intimate activities was stored and loaded it onto the global porn site. 
Outspoken gay activist Witbeen feels betrayed and hurt that his ex would stoop to the lowest ebb of desperately trying to destroy what he has built for many years. 

‘’Personal and reputational harm has been inflicted to my brand and that of my employers. As my South African lover and I have split on a sour note, this would surely call for personal introspection and reflection. Indeed my brand will live and stand the test of time by being its true self and being trying,’’ he vowed, fiercely.
Witbeen feels that being homosexual is frowned upon in Namibia, thus practicing sex actively between two males remains a taboo in much of Namibia’s population.

It is for this very reason that he has always kept his sexual activities to himself. A heterosexual leakage of an R-rated audiovisual material would not have attracted the same amount of attention – with even his job being under threat now, if what a trainer at the NBC has stated on Facebook in reaction to the video is anything to go by.
‘’Irrespective of our personal preferences behind closed doors, that should remain as such - personal and private. As a pro-active and pro-community figure, my stance remains steadfast with respect to personal and private spaces attributed to individuality. My right to privacy is the same as the next person’s,’’ he remarked.

Reacting to the video, a trainer at the NBC Norah Appolus stated on Facebook that the broadcaster’s presenters are expected to behave honourably both in public or private life.

To this, Witbeen said his conduct at the NBC, where he has been working for the past eight years, has always been beyond reproach and in tune with the standards of the corporation. 
‘’I am at fault for being compromised in the situation that I am in, for trusting the individuals I allowed in my space,” he reacted.

“I have learned a valuable lesson but this does not negate from the fact that I have conducted myself within the highest professionalism expected of me within my job description. My privacy was invaded to the lack of my knowledge, by the said individuals.”

“I acknowledge that I could have prevented this but however, and unfortunately, I find myself in this situation. I have identified where I went wrong and  I’m now able to remedy this,’’ he concluded.

Strauss Lunyangwe
2019-05-03 11:49:53 | 9 months ago

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