• July 4th, 2020

Witness accounts, surveillance help piece together murder puzzle

Selma Ikela 

WINDHOEK - A broken broomstick and burnt clothes are part of the evidence being studied by police investigators into the murder of a nine-year-old Zimbabwean-born girl, whose charred body was found in a municipal rubbish skip at the weekend. 
The police yesterday also shared explosive details, including a pattern of violence against the victim, who was identified as Akundaishe Natalie Chipombo. Briefing the media yesterday, top police investigator Nelius Becker said the victim was reportedly assaulted on several occasions, according to neighbours. 

“According to evidence that we gathered at the scene, the deceased might have been assaulted on occasions in the past and more frequently on the Monday of the 20th January. There was an audible assault on the female child or bigger female child in the residence. This is the reason why we affected the arrests,” he said. 

Due to ongoing investigations, Becker, who is also the lead investigator in the matter, was unable to divulge further details on who exactly is suspected to have assaulted the child. A woman suspected to be the mother of the child was arrested on Sunday and is expected to appear in court tomorrow. 

Two more suspects, who lived in the same rented property in Windhoek North with the deceased were also arrested near Otjiwarongo on Sunday. 

The two are a married couple with three children. 

The wife will also appear tomorrow, while the husband is still recuperating from injuries sustained in a car accident shortly after their arrest on Sunday. 
The husband and wife were seen dragging a wheelie bin in the eastern direction of Ooievaar Street and a witness felt it was suspicious because it was dark in the night.
The couple was also caught on municipal surveillance in the area, pulling a wheelie bin on Friday night.  

Investigators were immediately dispatched to the area, following the gruesome discovery of the minor girl’s body by a passer-by on Saturday morning. 
This discovery directed investigators to the premise where the body is suspected to have came from. 
The police later on Saturday evening visited the premises to interview the neighbours. 
“We also confiscated a wheelie bin with the content taken by myself, which could be used as evidence,” Becker added. 

He also confirmed that a broken broomstick and burnt clothes were collected as part of the evidence. 
The police are suspecting that someone from the residence in all probability murdered the child. 
According to the police, the three accused and five children, have been living at the address since December 2018. 
The mother of the child is a registered nurse and a temporary resident.
 A post-mortem examination will be conducted in the coming days to establish the cause of death. However, they maintained that the nine-year-old girl was the only one missing from the residence.


Selma Ikela
2020-01-28 07:20:04 | 5 months ago

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