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Witness narrates ordeal with ‘serial rapist’

2021-09-22  Roland Routh

Witness narrates ordeal with ‘serial rapist’
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One of the victims of multiple rape accused Gavin Gawanab testified yesterday about an altercation in which she was involved with him. 

This reportedly happened just before she was informed he had allegedly raped her friend.

Magdalena Skrywer informed Windhoek High Court Judge Dinnah Usiku at the Windhoek Correctional Facility Court that on that specific day, she and the victims, who may not be identified, were on their way home after visiting a few bars. 

According to her, Gawanab approached them and asked her to hold a “spear” he had. 

When she refused, he told her “you shall see”, and grabbed her by the jacket she was wearing.

 A scuffle then ensued – and when she managed to overpower him, he stabbed her with the spear on the left shoulder. 

On a question from Gawanab’s legal aid instructed lawyer Mbanga Siyomunji, she said that suffered a small stab wound but did not seek medical help, and treated the wound herself.  

She further testified she and the alleged victim then separated – and a while later, the alleged victim came to her and told her she was raped by Gawanab. 

They then went to the police and laid a charge of rape, and they were taken to the hospital for an examination. 

During cross-examination, Mbanga Siyomunji on behalf of Gawanab, peppered the witness with a question about her sobriety on the night in question and the clothing she and the alleged victim was wearing. 

He further pointed out various inconsistencies between her oral testimony and the statement she provided to the police. 

Siyomunji also quoted from the J88 form that was compiled on the alleged rape victim, which stated no obvious signs of rape were observed but that sexual assault could not be ruled out. 

He further flat-out accused the witness of lying to the court to incriminate Gawanab.

Gawanab is facing 23 counts, including rape of minors, attempted murder, assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm, assault, attempted rape, alternatively indecent assault, kidnapping, housebreaking with intent to rape and rape, as well as crimen injuria.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges at the start of his trial and put the onus on the State to prove every allegation against him.

His alleged crime spree of sexually assaulting under-aged girls started in December 2012 until he was arrested in November 2019 after he allegedly raped a 10-year-old girl and cut open her genitals. He was on bail on the previous charges when he pounced on his latest victim.

The matter continues, and Gawanab remains in custody.

The State is represented by Innocencia Nyoni.  


2021-09-22  Roland Routh

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