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Worrisome drug use on the rise

2020-05-11  Selma Ikela

Worrisome drug use on the rise
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The increase of drug use following the restriction of alcohol during the Covid-19 lockdown continues to be observed, according to the Namibian Police.

In a statement on drugs seized during April, police spokesperson Kauna Shikwambi reminded the public that drug dealing is illegal and the police will act against anyone found dealing or in possessions of drugs.

“Our observation is that after the restriction of alcohol, we now have rising drug use in society,” stated Shikwambi. Last month, Shikwambi also shared the same sentiments of an increase in drug use. 

“Clearly, there seem to be more drugs available due to alcohol restriction. We encourage the Namibian nation to report those who are dealing in drugs,” Shikwambi said last month.

In April, the police seized various drugs worth N$502 120 and arrested 143 suspects. Of this figure, 131 are Namibians, two Somalis, two Angolans and five Congolese. Police also arrested a Tanzanian, Rwandese and Jamaican. The preferred drug is cannabis, followed by mandrax, cocaine powder and crack cocaine. Shikwambi encouraged the public to report any suspicion of drug-related matters to the police.
The sale of liquor containing more than 3% content of alcohol is prohibited as part of the state of the emergency Covid-19 regulations.

2020-05-11  Selma Ikela

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