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Yes… ‘You can’, says Daisy Silva in her new book

2019-07-17  Staff Reporter

Yes… ‘You can’, says Daisy Silva in her new book

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- While some goes for retail therapy - shopping with the prime purpose of improving their attitudes or disposition. Habitually, it is understood as something in people during epochs of depression or stress, others opt for the bottle (drinking alcohol) during their time of despair but Daisy Silva prefers to pen her ordeals down. “I am a total bookworm, I love reading so I decided to try writing,” she told Youth Corner.

The 19-year old alumnus of Deutsche Höhere Privatschule (DHPS) has written a book titled You Can. “It is a compilation of stories about people, their tough seasons and how they broke through,” she said. Silva wrote the book because of what she has gone through. “I had an incredibly tough year last year, filled with disappointments which are just lessons disguised. I prayed because that’s my natural reaction to everything and from that, I realised I did not find value in my season, just like other people, I thought no one cared, much less understood. So then the one and only Holy Spirit instructed me to unmask that lie, you are not alone,” she informed Youth Corner.

Writing a book with that type of content, especially one about people is not an overnight adventure. It takes hard work and precision. “It took roughly six months, most of which I spent interviewing more than 30 people. It was fun meeting them all but I had a lot of self-doubts while writing because I don’t have formal training or a degree. That was especially tough,” she said. 

Silva believes writing is important and it should be, especially among the youth. “Essentially, how important is giving? When one writes, one has something to share that is something which is irrefutable. In a diary, one shares with oneself, you allow yourself to see what is deep down – maybe something you were unaware of or when one writes a book, one gives to the audience,” said Silva.

It is an e-book worth reading as it is telling stories about Namibians, locally and internationally. “One of my favourite stories is about a Namibian based abroad. Vernon Freyer is a Namibian based in the United Kingdom. He has been through everything you can think of, from deportation and joblessness to losing a child to a cancerous brain tumour,” said Silva.

His best lesson learned is a life changer especially now that despite all of that, he has been through, he is a start-up social entrepreneur. Silva said all their resources will be available on their website which is still under construction. “The ebook, audiobook, and videos where some interviews will be interpreted in sign language will all be for free so that everyone can say to themselves You Can,” stated Silva.

For future plans, Silva’s wish is to continue with this project. “When the print finally gets printed, I would like it to be done in braille, nobody should be left out,” she said. Silva also informed Youth Corner that the ebook is coupled with the audiobook for those who are visually impaired. “The book will consist of videos in sign language for those who are hearing-impaired and have enough knowledge to communicate with their hands,” said Silva.

She concluded by urging the youth to always be humble. “I believe it’s the toughest art to master,” she stated.

2019-07-17  Staff Reporter

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