• September 19th, 2020

Young influencer to launch online show

Laimi Hawala

Popular social media influencer Cassijejessica will be starting a brand new online show called X-Tream, which is yet to be launched.
The young influencer who first started sharing comedic videos on Facebook in 2013, when she was only 15 years old, told Entertainment Now! that the lockdown inspired her to look for ways to stay busy and make money. It was not easy for her to come up with the idea because many people were doing something common and she wanted to do something unique and different. This led to a brainstorm session between her and her manager Martin Kapuka where the idea of her show was birthed.  
The show is about things that Cassijejessica finds extreme and her idea is to review them and introduce them to interested audiences. “My content is outside the box, generally across all sorts of segments such as travelling, arts, technology, food, services, games, love and life. Like myself, it’s a sophisticated but simple show and I hope my audience is going to love it,” said Cassijejessica.
Moreover, the X in X-tream is for extreme and tream is derived from the word streaming. Cassijejessica did a play on words to create a name that has a meaning from both words as to give a message of streaming live videos during these extreme times of Covid-19. “This took about five months to put everything together and we are now in the last phase of production prior to the premiere, and by God’s grace, I hope everything goes according to plan because things have been challenging as I have a lot on my plate,” she expressed.
The show is not targeted at a specific audience but her videos are usually filled with humour and have an interesting way of entertaining audiences. It will be streaming on Cassijejessica’s YouTube channel soon. The links will be shared on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  – laimihawala2000@gmail.com

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2020-08-28 12:37:14 | 22 days ago

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