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Young potential voters’ views on the upcoming elections

2020-09-16  Paheja Siririka

Young potential voters’ views on the upcoming elections

In light of the ongoing supplementary registration of voters for the upcoming regional council and local authority elections, Youth Corner contacted young potential voters from across the country to find out if they are going to vote in the elections and the importance thereof.

 The supplementary registration of voters started on Monday (7 September 2020) and ended yesterday (15 September 2020). The date of the elections has been set for November 2020.

Sisco Amunyela (20)
Oshana region

I registered for the upcoming regional and local government elections because as a young Namibian, it is important to be part of this as my vote assures the change I want to see.

Mutuari Kavari (32)
Kunene region
I am going to take part in the local authority elections, simply because the elections are very important election which determines the leadership of our local authority and the regional councils. You need to take part in them as it also determines who will represent your future and desires in the national council

Rebekka-Tsenaye Nghilalulwa (19)
Oshana region
I will be voting in the upcoming regional and local government elections. We, young people need to vote for the leaders closest to us, to enable us to hold them accountable for the local change that we would like to see. Your vote is powerful, go out there, register and vote.

Elioth Permithias Owoseb (31)
Khomas region

A very important question is whether you registered to vote for the upcoming regional and local elections and the importance of Namibians being part of this change they want. At the end of the day, if someone is looking out for our best interest, it’s for us to put them in the positions for them to help us and the only way to do that is by taking part in election processes.

Thrive Vinomaandero Mahua (20)
Otjozondjupa region
I have registered to take part in the upcoming regional and local government elections. As a new generation of voters, it is vital that our voices are heard and we are represented by people who have a generational vision at heart and we can only ensure this by taking part in the decision-making process and make sure such individuals are voted into power. Namibia, I am voting, hope you are.

Paulus Hanghome (22)
Oshikoto region

It is very important as young Namibians that we exercise our democratic right, which is to vote for leaders, who are going to bring about change and development to communities and the country at large. 

Ester Ngwena (21)
Khomas region

I am voting because as a young Namibian, through this, you are ensuring that your voice is heard and you are bringing your priority to the forefront.

Petersen Haingumbi (22)
Khomas region

I registered to vote in the upcoming elections as this will serve as a platform for me as a Namibian citizen’s voice to be heard and to ensure that those who will represent us have the best of the youth and the public at heart.

Lelly Amunyela (21)
Oshana region

 As a Namibian young, it is my responsibility to contribute to how I want this country to look like in the future. That will start with me exercising my right to choose who my leaders should be. I am given the opportunity to implement change and that is why it is important for every young Namibian to vote.

Over 500 eligible voters who participated in the supplementary registration of voters in the //Kharas region on Monday were young people.
This is according to the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) regional coordinator Augustinus Ucham who also said a total of 535 eligible voters registered to participate in the upcoming regional council and local authority elections during the first day of voter registration this week.
The supplementary registration of voters ended yesterday.

2020-09-16  Paheja Siririka

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