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Young T’s viral video has everyone shook… Are our eyes playing tricks on us?

2021-04-06  Staff Reporter

Young T’s viral video has everyone shook… Are our eyes playing tricks on us?
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Tulina Ndafyaalako, affectionately known as Young T, has found himself trending on social media after a video of him, kissing two females, went viral.

The video was posted by the rapper on his Instagram stories. He first posted a picture of the two females, dressed in black dresses with red shoes, in what looks like a photo shoot setting. The ladies were holding champagnes and glasses.

He captioned the Insta story: “I’ve got two for real. Y’all probably thought it was a joke”. 

He raised eyebrows after posting a video of him making out with both of them and the ladies looked happy and smitten. Although some scrutinised how they kissed each other, the video has sparked a debate about polygamy in the country and some men felt he is putting pressure on them.

The musician has since been trending on Twitter, and Tweeps reacted to the viral video:

“I wonder how their sex life is; the girls probably also kissing each other. Anyways, jokes aside, why is young t making things hard for us... now, our boyfriends will also be influenced... Eish, Ou Hage might also wanna get a second wife... Lord, now they are sharing officially”.

“This b****s be whiling about niggas cheating, Young T got two of them and they are all happy, so plz be comfortable with it; we will be sleeping on the same bed soon.”

“Young T’s girlfriends deserve seats in Heaven; Uunona owalungama. *Hugging face.”

The musician had recently issued a public announcement that he has two girlfriends but some thought he was joking. It is still unclear whether this is a publicity stunt or he is in a relationship with both women.

Young T recently dropped his album, titled ‘GBV Defeated’ on Friday, 25 March 2021. The album is doing its rounds with anthems that talk about the social injustices that have been polluting the African content. Young T is known for his great lyrics and when he drops any project, it becomes a hit in the country. 

Many of his songs speak about surviving his trials and tribulations in life and making it big in the music industry, subsequently using his platform to serve as the voice of the people. 

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2021-04-06  Staff Reporter

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