• April 24th, 2019
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Youth initiative to remedy housing shortage

Clemans Miyanicwe KAMANJAB – A group of youth under the auspices of the Spirit National Movement (SNM) plans to build 100 shacks to alleviate the acute housing shortage in Kunene Region under the Building Hope initiative. “Adequate housing remains very critical especially amongst individuals with very low or no income. We visited few families around Kunene and realised there are those living in structures built from cardboard boxes, plastics or any other objects that serve as walls,” Fritz Nanab one of the founders of SNM informed New Era recently upon inquiry. Some families are completely homeless and live in rudimentary shacks made from cartons and plastic sheeting and this resulted in the formation in April of the Building Hope initiative. The initiators of the shacks are requesting for donations of N$10 and they reason if from each 500, such donations a single shack could be constructed and be allocated to the needy. Currently SNM is also running a competition that is basically to motivate the community to part take in Building Hope initiative. In this raffle, a random number is selected from those who donated N$10 every Friday those who participated can win N$50 or even N$500 in the monthly draw. “We believe we will have more motivational competitions running as we grow,” Nanab emphasised. Kwezi, who was previously nominated for Best Gospel category in the Nama, is part of Building Hope and Nanab described her as a mother with a soft spot and great love for people. Kwezi hopes this initiative will make a difference in the people’s lives. Kunene Governor Marius Sheya is among the people that have thrown their weight behind the initiative. Building Hope has not yet reached out to bigger companies, but it strongly believes with media coverage the message will go out.
New Era Reporter
2018-05-29 09:34:44 10 months ago

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