• July 3rd, 2020

Zuluboy introduces Gwine

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - After establishing himself in the arts industry with multiple abilities, Pinehas Megameno Shikulo, popularly known as Zuluboy, has once again tapped into another market - the making and manufacturing of wine. 

Gwine is a fully Namibian wine collection and a product of Gweri Vintage Collection, a premium and exclusive Namibian brand in partnership with Erongo Mountain Winery. “Gwine is short for Gweri Wine and is pronounced as /gwʌɪn/,” said Zuluboy. 

He said the collection of elegant Gwine wines from Gweri Vintage Collection represents and celebrates Namibia’s beautiful landscapes, cultures, and people. 

“What makes Gwine extra special and unique is the blend in the combination of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, which makes it a medium-bodied wine rich in sweet fruit flavours combined with dark berry flavours and is a perfect wine for countless occasions, ” explained Zuluboy. 

He said most wines are either Cabernet or Shiraz, but not both and that sets them apart. The wine, which was showcased at the sixth edition of the Kasi Vibe Festival, was the next product they wanted to do and also expand into the liquor market.

“The Gweri Vintage Collection is a brand which will feature a lot of products. The Gwine is our second product before that we started with the gweri socks,” explained Zuluboy. 

As one of the names making noise in the entertainment industry with activities ranging from music to taking part in big TV commercials, there is no stopping for Zuluboy. 
He further hinted that he is looking at a clothing line that is coming up soon. Zuluboy is also a lead singer, and one of the founders of the award-winning quartet, Ama-Daz-Floor.

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