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ZYX unveils delightful new soundtrack

2024-04-19  Correspondent

ZYX unveils delightful new soundtrack

  Iuze Mukube


Pauline Heita, better known by her stage name ZYX, is releasing a new sound that is sure to rock the music industry.

Set for the Vivasso Lounge in the Eros area of Windhoek tomorrow, ZYX is eager to share a piece of herself with the individuals who are the closest to her, and who encourage her the most.

“I plan to present my new sound to my followers, reintroduce myself as a performer to the country, and create a fresh musical atmosphere for the public,” she declared. 

ZYX’s music is all about spreading love, so it makes sense that her theme would be love, love, love and love everywhere.

Her fans should expect an evening of fun and interaction, where they may share their thoughts about her music. 

She is aware that most artists do not like this, but she thought it would be a good opportunity to ask.

This is not her first concert in Namibia. 

She has performed both domestically and abroad, including at the Couple’s Night at Experience, a charity show at Ohangwena last Christmas, as well as two Jamaican nights at Kings Lounge and Vivasso.

When asked what was unique about this event, she responded, “I am a very spiritual being. I believe in everything that makes sense to me, and the voice inside tells me that this is the right time to show my new art to the whole world”.

ZYX does not adhere to a particular genre or style of music because she feels that music should not be categorised, saying, “It has changed over time, and creatives are capable of doing anything to break the rules of music. Beyoncé, for instance, recently released a whole album of country music that included a lot of her own music”. 

As such, ZYX is versatile.

She admitted to VIBEZ! that she was nervous but ecstatic about the event.

The concert further promises to stay in the heart after the last curtain falls, so make sure to put this on your calendars, get your friends together, and get ready to go with ZYX toward harmony. 

She told VIBEZ! her second album is ready.

“Now, I simply need to choose whether to release it as a whole, or just the singles. I have also been working on some visuals for the longest time. My timing issues are the reason it took me so long. So, yes, music, music visuals and more shows this year.” 


2024-04-19  Correspondent

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