Rainy season boosts Auction vehicle sales

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By Donna Collins


THE rainy season has boosted buying trends in a positive manner, which in particular was noticed during the second Aucor fleet and re-possession vehicle auction held last week in Windhoek, when the public turned up to outbid each other, pushing up the prices.

“The prices on auction increase when there is rain in the land, because when Namibians feel good about the weather, it affects the economy,”  Neil Engelbrecht (CEO Aucor Namibia) told Woema this week.

“Besides February being a quiet month in general, our auction still attracted a lot of bargain hunters who came to buy, “he said.

“Whilst stock and repossessions for this time of the year is not plentiful, we did surprisingly well in February auction. Cars went for high prices and the top-of-the-range units we sold for well below market value with over 80 vehicles going under the hammer.

“There is a big demand for second hand vehicles currently, because people don’t have the money for new vehicles, and auction goers are still aiming to walk away with a bargain.

“Auction hunters are still getting their money’s worth, and Thursday attracted an active crowd, with guys not shy to put up their hands and take part. There was definitely money floating around for the vehicles on the floor.”

The next Aucor vehicle auction is being held in Ongwediva today, with a good mix of repossessed, insurance salvage and vehicle parts on sale. The next auction held in Windhoek is 27 March, with some usual surprises install.