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RAKS developing future leaders

Under its second mandate of youth leadership training and development, Random Acts of Kindness last month upskilled its members through a two-day leadership and personal development bootcamp. 

Random Acts of Kindness Namibia (RAKS Namibia) founder Charlotte Mojackie said they looked at purpose, healing from trauma, communication and presentation skills, teamwork, leadership, planning, and vision boarding, owning your crown, etc. 

“They were honestly empowered and equipped well by the various facilitators who are all specialised in their areas,” she told Youth Corner. 

Some of the topics included ‘Triumph over Trauma’ by motivational speaker Mia Davids, and ‘Life Purpose’ by confidence coach Nobert van Wyk. Additionally, participants took part in many activities, including a therapeutic session by Hush Namibia, and ‘Sip and Plan’ by Tefo Atholang and Malilk Shehu. 

Participant Maria Ricardo (22) said such bootcamps play a vital role as it provides tools for the youth to discover their potential and interests, and can also bring people out of their “shells”.

“Leadership boot camps are needed because some people are leaders but they don’t have knowledge on how to be good ones, they don’t know how to go about learning about people or how to use the resources. So, at bootcamps, mentors can teach them how to be effective and good leaders,” added Ricardo.

“What I took away from Mia Davids is that I have the responsibility to take care of myself as a whole (body, soul and spirit) as the state of my being has a bearing on others.” 

Another RAKS member Okeri Tjitepa (19) shared a similar belief, saying: “We as young people need to be prepared to be the next leaders and we need to be empowered to lead ourselves and others. I have learned so much from this camp that I know I will use in my career one day”. 

The camp, Tjitepa said, also taught her effective communication, how to be confident and have a healthy relationship with money, how to find her purpose, heal her inner child, creative thinking, and how to give a speech.

Among others, Davids equipped the members with self and professional healing methods on trauma, while Van Wyk covered what one’s purpose in life is and what they are doing to fulfil it.

The Hush Namibia team focused on touching on the best and worst moments of the participants’ lives, and the Sip and Plan activity spoke on money habits, views on money and advice on debts and more. 

RAKS Namibia is a non-profit organisation birthed in February this year to restore hope in humanity, and foster the spirit of kindness and ubuntu through carrying out random acts of kindness. 

– emariahaipinge@gmail.com