Remain with Swapo, Mbumba urges

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AROAB – Vice President Nangolo Mbumba said Namibia can only be governed by leaders who work in solidarity like those of the Swapo party.

“It is my observation that party supporters here are ready and determined to vote for their leaders in order to retain control
over the Keetmanshoop Rural constituency and gain the majority seats at the Aroab local authority,’’ said Mbumba who was addressing a Swapo rally at the weekend in Aroab.

He said it is not the intention of government to put people who want to sit in offices in power as they should be there to do things for the betterment of the people of Aroab, the //Kharas region and Namibia as a whole.
“You should not believe those who are not united or working in cooperation, stay with the Swapo party that showed solidarity and compassion for all Namibians,’’ Mbumba urged.

He also encouraged them to go  and vote in big numbers for the party tomorrow. “Always remember that //Kharas
region will remain yours to keep, develop and govern, but that can only happen with your support for a Swapo-led government,’’ he added. “President Hage Geingob has declared 25 November 2020 a public holiday and you have therefore ample time to go and vote, so please do that and vote for your future under the Swapo party.”

He said by doing so, unity and stability will be ensured, and the right people will be furthermore placed in control of regional
councils and local authorities. “You should vigorously engage commercial farmers in your community and if they want to be
involved in the affairs of the country, please allow and welcome them to do so,’’ he furthermore urged supporters.
Mbumba also cautioned the electorates not to believe those who claim there are ethnicity and regionalism within the Swapo party as this is far from the truth.

“In terms of the electoral laws of Namibia, you should not wear any party colours come next week  Wednesday, behave as law-abiding citizens on this day and maintain peace and order.”