Rikithi is back in action

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Rikithi is back in action

Hailing from the Zambezi region, Lubinda Mushabati Een, also known as Rikithi, is on a mission to cement himself as the region’s top musical act.

After being quiet for a while, Rikithi has just released a new single just in time for the festive season when he reached out to VIBEZ! 

“I released my new single, titled ‘Cheating’. The song talks about some difficulties that we face in a relationship; you can be honest to your partner but you will find your other partner in a relationship with someone, proving they are not honest with you,” he explained.

Rikithi started his music journey in 2014 and was known by his stage name Ian-Lee at that time when he released his first single, which was titled, ‘Rikithi Rikithi’, produced by DJ Vuyo.

“When I released my first single, it was one of the biggest songs in Katima Mulilo, so everyone in the region started calling me Rikithi. I was quiet for a long time because of some situations in life and lack of support,” he confessed.

The aspiring artist says it is not easy being an artist from the region, as they do not get much attention, but he is of the notion he will be able to break even. 

“It’s quite difficult, but I’m trying to put the Zambezi region on the map. I’m back; I want to take Namibian music to the world.”

“So far, I have worked with DJ Vuyo, Spinny and the Green Kids, Sharky Briz from Botswana and Y-Coasty from Zambia – just to mention a few. I have 10 projects so far that I’m still busy with that will come out next year.”

Rikithi believes music from Katima can be highly favoured once given a chance to compliment other artists’ hard work, such as DJ Siya and DJ Vuyo. 

“Our music can show everyone in Namibia that in the Zambezi region, there is a talent. I’m trying my level best to market the music on social media and all music platforms,” he said.

Rikithi will be performing this Saturday at Mubita Chaka’s wedding, which will take place at Limai village (Ngoma), and at the town council’s New Year Eve’s bash at the Katima Mulilo Sports Complex.