‘Road hogs’ On the loose

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OVERTAKING on a solid white line’s seems to be common practise amongst driver’s today, who are either oblivious to the law – or they simply just don’t care.

Unfortunately this type of chance taking, reckless and inconsiderate road behaviour is what has become a huge problem in these times, and contributing factor towards our escalating accident rate in Namibia. And it can all be stopped if people would just make the roads a safe place to drive on.

Woema was tailing this Hardbody bakkie which we snapped in action, as it was  not only speeding in a restricted speeding zone, but deliberately overtook on a solid white line whilst continuing to drive on the wrong side of the road as if it was normal practise.

It is a pity the vehicle didn’t even have a licence plate on it, otherwise the driver could have been identified, since Woema is going to make a habit of ‘naming and shaming’ road ‘hogs’ on these pages, and make an example of their selfish driving behaviour to the public and to the Nampol Traffic department.

The editor of Woema welcome’s any photographs of bad driving which we would like to publish in up-coming editions, and the public can contribute in this anti ‘road hog’ campaign by e-mailing the evidence  to dcollins@nepc.com.na.



By Donna Collins