Rundu submits N$152 million budget

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Rundu submits N$152 million budget

RUNDU – The Rundu Town Council last Friday revealed it submitted a budget of N$152 653 908 to the line ministry for approval for the financial year 2022/2023.

The amount is a 6% increase from the financial year 2021/2022 which was N$144 398 638. The local authority’s financial year stretches from the beginning of July to the end of June the following year.

“The council will have external funds from central government, National Planning Commission (NPC) for capital projects to an amount of N$2 364 000 for completion of construction of service infrastructure in Rundu Extension 8, whilst operational subsidy of N$2 330 000 has been provided by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development for the sole purpose of fleet maintenance, to ensure that all our heavy trucks are fit and operational to deliver the much-needed service for a foreseeable future,’’ said the mayor Gabriel Kanyanga.

He said a budget of N$6 028 000 has also been provided by the Road Fund Administration (RFA) for the purpose of road maintenance.

The total expenditure estimated for the 2022/2023 FY totalled N$152 653 908 with an operational expense of N$123 920 890 while the development budget accounts for N$29 128 000, constituting 81% and 19% respectively. 

“Whilst preparing the budget, we have taken cognizance of the unlimited and varying needs and aspirations of the residents. Equally so, we have not turned a blind eye on the current economic conditions and its effects on council and in extension to the residents, hence, only critical activities were considered for the next financial year,” he said. 

Among the activities included and budgeted for are land provision where council intends to survey at least four extensions to promote land tenure and property ownership for residents.

On water provision, council made a budget provision to extend the water networks, in pursuit of bringing potable water closer to people.

“Sanitation: we are going to rehabilitate pump stations in Rundu Extension 8 and 29 to address the sewer volumes that will be generated by the abattoir upon commencement of operation, which shall create employment for the residents, hence, the extensions were prioritised,’’ the mayor noted. 

Kanyanga revealed that Extension 8 will be electrified, as it is an industrial area expected to open soon. 

“We had to prioritise the industrial area because land was sold already and a lack of services delayed the development of industries. It is for that reason that we aim to revive activities in the industrial area, to create employment, that we directed the services there. Revenue generated from levies on the industry shall then be used to subsidise the construction of service infrastructure in the informal areas and other areas,” he said. 

Boreholes to assist in the water cuts at the town were also budgeted for. 

“Council have already done the drilling at Kehemu tower and in Ndama. The budget made is just to procure booster pumps for the Kehemu tower to pump water into the tower and infrastructure such as the water tank and pump for Ndama borehole,” he said. 

On roads, budgetary provision was also made for tarring roads, where the council is considering extending and rehabilitating some tarred roads. 

“We have also made budget provision for re-gravelling of damaged gravel roads, gravelling of sandy roads as well as general road maintenance. Our symbiosis is therefore to prioritise the sorest needs that can be done today and those that will be done tomorrow. it is upon that cornerstone that the budget for 2022/2023 has been contoured. 

“Given the projections contained in the budget, we thus plea with the residents to honour their obligations and pay for municipal services to ensure sustainable and continuous provision of services,’’ he said.