Rural school pleads for support

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Rural school pleads for support

ZADANG – Zadang Junior Primary School, situated about 145km south of Rundu in Mashare constituency, is pleading for good Samaritans to assist the 30-learner school with window and door frames to finish constructing their makeshift classrooms.

According to the teacher Amelia Adriano, in October last year, with the help of the inhabitants of Zadang village, where they are situated, they constructed two zinc classrooms with a small office, but they were unable to finish due to a lack of windows and door frames as well as cement to construct their classroom floors.

They currently operate from a dilapidated makeshift structure, made of wooden poles and thatch grass. It is old and cannot keep out insects and snakes. 

“The roof has openings as you can see. When it rains, I’m unable to teach my learners, as we need to hide from the rain; we stand in the corners where rainwater cannot go through,” she informed the Kavango East governor, Bonifatius Wakudumo, who recently visited their village and school.

The 30 learners are taught in one class by way of multigrade teaching, combining grades one, two and three learners in one class.

“The school is functional. It has grades one to three, with a committed teacher – but quality education can only happen if we create a conducive learning environment, hence my appeal to all in the Republic of Namibia so that we come to the rescue of our learners so that we then put up proper temporary structures,’’ the governor said.

“The temporary zinc sheets structure they constructed needs a proper floor to be cast as well as the installation of windows on both sides for air circulation and ventilation. We are appealing to good Samaritans to come to the rescue of our learners; the government is trying its level best to give quality education to our children but the government alone, money is not sufficient. As Namibians, let’s also step in to complement our government’s efforts,’’ noted Wakudumo.