Shifeta warns of WhatsApp attacks

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Shifeta warns of WhatsApp attacks

KEETMANSHOOP – Environment minister Pohamba Shifeta has hit out at Swapo members who allegedly use social media platforms to attack each other. 

According to Shifeta, unity amongst Swapo members is important to continue a united party which should not fear anything. 

“As a party, it has been observed that some members are using social media platforms such as WhatsApp, attacking others, instead of supporting one another, through fabricated allegations,” said Shifeta who was speaking during the //Kharas regional executive committee meeting in Keetmanshoop this past weekend. In the end, Shifeta added, squabbles on social media end up in court with unnecessary defamation claims often fuelled by competition for positions within the party structures. 

“In the real essence, such persons are actually indirectly campaigning for opposition political parties who can use such information to create division within Swapo,” he said. 

Shifeta believes any conflict within the party should be resolved internally, instead of members squaring off on social media. 

“This is a serious issue and we should start as a matter of urgency to do self-introspection and rather share information on party issues on these platforms instead of attacking each other,” Shifeta advised the regional leadership. 

“We are furthermore creating a situation leading to our own destruction through these attacks and should be aware that the opposition can use this to their benefit.”

 He continued that, if a political party is not united, members become enemies instead of cronies. 

“You should seriously consider that you are destroying the party through this smear campaigns you are running for positions,” he warned. 

In terms of the election and nomination for //Kharas regional leaders, he said those involved should follow the party’s constitutional procedures in such democratic processes. 

“It has been observed that some candidates are only inviting those who favour them to meetings, but be aware that the bigger majority must accept or reject you at the end of the process,” he implored. Shifeta also raised the concern that some people are denied Swapo party membership cards by those who are only fighting for their own interests and benefits at some branches. 

“By doing so, you are indeed derailing our recruitment process, what will happen if such persons decide to join other political parties?” he asked. In his contribution, mines and energy minister Tom Alweendo said it was only through unity that Swapo could reach 62 years in existence. 

“We are, however, fortunate to have leaders who united the party for the past 62 years, but we could easily derail this achievement if having infightings hampering unity amongst us and within the party at large,” he strongly emphasised. 

Alweendo also expressed the wish that those responsible will elect and nominate the right candidates in the right positions. 

Matheus Mumbala, the current Swapo party //Kharas regional coordinator, has been nominated to serve another term. He will square off against George Pieters and Helena Eelu. 

In addition, Jims Christiaans, current party treasurer, has been nominated alongside Simon Nambodi, Vicentius !Goraseb and Rauna Namukwambi for the said position. For the position of regional information and mobilisation officer, Margareth Basson (current incumbent) and Irene Labberloth have been nominated accordingly.  

The names of candidates will be forwarded to the party’s politburo for vetting before sole nominations will be announced later on.