Shiwa the Baker vows to share her craft

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WINDHOEK – Shiwomeho Kalla, also known as Shiwa the Baker, is on a mission to build a global legacy and a brand that will transcend her own lifetime. Although the young entrepreneur only started her craft a mere two years ago, she is making quite a name for herself in the local baking industry. But, while Shiwa’s wide range of confectionaries are drawing mouth-watering reviews from her clients, it is how she ended up in this profession and what she is doing to change it that is making waves in the industry. 

“There is clearly a demand in the local market for cakes and pastries. About two years ago when I was looking for a cake for a family function, I could not find anything and what’s worse is that I could not find anyone to teach me how to bake. All the bakers I contacted were too busy to share their craft with me. It was then that I vowed that once I become a baker, I would share my craft with everyone,” said Shiwa. 

During an exclusive interview with New Era, Shiwa narrated how she offers baking classes all over the country, from Windhoek to the coast and from the north to the south, in a small intimate setup of between 10 to 12 people. 
“Baking is a science; it is about knowledge and reading. Our classes do not offer a product only but an entire experience,” she stated.  

Shiwa dispelled the myth that the baking industry is still male-dominated and she encouraged women to reclaim their rightful place in the kitchen. Referring to the local baking industry as a close-knit fraternity, Shiwa revealed her ambition to eventually establish a baking training academy that she wants to use to empower people. 

“My advice to youngsters starting out in this, or in any industry for that matter, is don’t be afraid to fail. Push yourself until you reach your boundaries and believe in yourself. I want others to rise like I have risen. If someone needs your sunshine then give it to them,” said Shiwa. 

One of Shiwa’s regular clients, Damalie Najjuuko, testified about the service she receives from Shiwa. “I am more than satisfied with her service, it is on point Her cakes and pastries are of quality and delicious,” said Najjuuko.