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Shooting all things beautiful

Otjiwarongo’s top photographers Eino Eino and Jacky Kennedy Kondiri are certain the art of traditional photography will never die – even at a time when many people have smartphones that take equally good pictures.

Inspired by poetry, nature, music, artistic pictures and the beauty in African culture, Eino (30) started his photography career amidst the pandemic, and he is still going strong, despite technology evolving every day.

“Society makes it look like photographers are not needed because they have iPhones with top-tier quality and can do the job of photographers. However, Namibians have shown interest in the art to an extent that they book photoshoot sessions regularly, thereby uplifting the worth of photography and the creativity photographers bring to the table,” he told Youth Corner.

Eino, who operates under Redemption Art Photography, is a talented millennial, who was swept off his feet by an exhibition by lifestyle photographer Nate Green a few years ago in Otiwarongo.  

He described the photographs as a “raw, yet well-put-together art that stole my heart to date”.  

Eino is also a writer and “a whole creative mind”. 

He does all kinds of photography. 

For bookings and enquiries, contact him on redemption_artp on Instagram or 0814744076. 

Kondiri, who runs his business under Shots by Leroy, believes in “clean, good, quality work” that can be delivered only through the use of a traditional camera.  

“I remember buying my first camera in 2013; it was so small it could fit in your pocket,” said the 30-year-old, adding that he is always amazed at how he can freeze a moment in a picture.  

Kondiri’s passion for photography evolved from just a hobby to a daily job after he lost his job due to the effects of the pandemic. 

Luckily, for him, he had already invested in purchasing his new photographic equipment and was ready for a new start.  

Popularly known as @lee-roy_here on Instagram, Kondiri specialises in photography and videography for special events like matric farewells, weddings and birthdays. 

He can be reached on 081 689 484 1.

Kondiri is currently working on advertising his business extensively, and he is hoping to land a corporate shoot in the near future. 

In his photography journey, Kondiri gets his inspiration from his son: “seeing him grow every day and waking up to his smile is the fuel that keeps me going”.