Shootout robbery trial moved to next year

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The trial of five men who stand accused of a deadly armed robbery in Windhoek nearly a decade ago has been scheduled to resume next year.  
The trial was put on hold to allow all accused persons in the case to apply for legal representation with the Directorate of Legal Aid.
 Furthermore, the case had to be assigned to a new presiding officer after magistrate Elina Nandago left the employment of the justice ministry. 
Thus, the court scheduled the trial to begin on 24 to 26 February 2021. 

The group is made of Titus Shooya (42), Lisia Amwaama (43), Nande Valombola (36), Jerobeam Johannes (46) and 54-year-old Christian Killi Edward. 
They will be tried on charges of robbery with aggravating circumstances, attempted murder and possession of firearms without a licence.
 The charges emanate from a deadly shooting incident that occurred at a bar and gambling house in Windhoek’s Ausspannplatz area on 2 April 2009.  
It is alleged Shooya and his co-accused stole N$20 000 from the bar on the date in question.
 The group allegedly tried to flee the scene but did not get far before police officers arrived on the scene. A deadly exchange of gunfire ensued, resulting in the death of two suspected robbers.  

Another two suspected robbers were wounded. Tuhafeni Kakololo (39) who had a previous conviction for armed robbery and David Ndume, 25, were killed in the shootout, whilst Johannes and Edward were wounded.
 Johannes and Edward spent close to three weeks in hospital before they appear in court in connection with the crime. 
The five men have all denied guilt when they gave their pleas to the charges in the Windhoek Regional Court on December 2010. 
The five accused are currently on bail ranging between N$10 000 and N$20 000 respectively and their bail has been extended until their next scheduled appearance in court.