Short Story – Nana visits Lüderitz

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Short Story – Nana visits Lüderitz

A light-coloured hair teen strolls his maternal grandma into the greenery villa. The boy carries canisters of puke-like buttery milk that nana brought along. 

Soon mountains of waves splash on the front doorstep. The clapping waves block nana’s ears, and she wipes off her flat runny nose. 

Shortly, the kid unpacks the hinged coffers before nana buries herself inside the fluffy grey sofas. Hanging against the wall, a flat-screen plays ‘Rakutuka’ by Jackson Kaujeua. Then nana makes out the head-shaking figure in the motioning pictures. 

“How did ‘Aehe omahi’ get inside the four-cornered ear-splitting box,” she quizzes. 

In retort, her grandchild furrows his eyebrows. 

“I need to visit the nearby bush,” she says. 

“Whataahh?” asks the tall and thin child. 

“I need to empty my bowel,” she says, pinching the child on the arm. “Don’t ask rude questions,” she adds. 

Nana steps outside the door, and spots a straight-horned animal nibbling the greensward. The gracious antelope shakes its skyward-pointed horns. 

Soon, nana skips into the mansion, and the giggling child points at the toilet door. The grey-haired woman bumps into a door-size mirror, as smithereens glasses pierce her. 

Later, the curled-hair grandchild tangles her wrinkled hands and the toilet door miraculously swings open. As soon as she grows tall from the toilet pot, a sensor flushes the blue water. 

A minute later, nana lazes on the couch. However, she pictures the gnashing waves swallowing her. She locks her left eye and presses the right eye on the cut-glass door. 

Later, a mound of waves riddles the door. Then granny gazes at the orange and yellow sun dipping into the blue water. 

Thereafter, the boy drops a box of icy crabs at her feet. “That’s for supper,” the kid hums. 

Nana’s eyes pop out as the kid squeezes the 10-footed scorpion-like creatures into a stainless green pot. The tot turns on the purring oven and hops outside. 

Suddenly, a deafening boom stirs nana towards the bubbling pot. Instantly, she trips after spotting creeping multi-legged creatures. She grabs a broomstick and disfigures the wriggling creatures. Soon more crabs chase after her. 

She bounces out of the house, misses the staircases, and touches down headfirst. Her tumbling stirs up the tamed oryx to whiff her blood-spattered face. 

In split seconds, an airborne ambulance flashes red lights at her motionless body.