SME Corner: Meet the tenderers/entrepreneurs Pratelova Universal Investment cc

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New Era recently spoke to Homateni S.F. Ndahangoudja, sole owner of Pratelova Universal Investment cc on his dream of becoming an entrepreneur and self-sustainable, leaving no stone untouched to realise his vision.

New Era (NE): What a strange name for a company, can you tell us why ‘Pratelova’ and what it means?

Homateni S.F. Ndahangoudja (HN): My mother completed her  doctorate in the Czech Republic and inspired me to use this name which means “friendship” in the Czech language.

NE: What is it that drove you to become an entrepreneur and what is your field of specialization?

HN: As a qualified IT technician I used to work for other people but when I saw the opportunity to grow I decided to open my own company.

NE: How did you manage to start up your business?

HN: I used my own savings together with some financial assistance from my mother.

NE: Is this a one-man show or are there other people involved in your business?

HN: I currently employ six Namibian casuals on a 50/50 gender base.

NE: Apart from providing IT services, are there any other services you are offering?

HN: We also do printing, designing and branding of posters, T-shirts, etc.

NE: If awarded a government tender what is it that will make you different from the rest?  

HN: I will rather take unemployed, unskilled youth on board in order to employ and upgrade them instead of going for luxuries such as expensive vehicles and houses.

NE: As a very young and upcoming company what are the challenges facing you out there?

HN: Competition is very high and it is sometimes very difficult to penetrate the market as there are already big established companies in place that are more in demand.

NE: Cases of corruption in the procurement process are reported daily. What is your view on this?

HN: Corruption exists in this world but it is difficult to be proven. One has to stay focused and keep on tendering for projects until your turn eventually comes.

NE: What do you think separates you from the rest of all other small tenderers?

HN: I am determined, flexible, and goal-oriented.  I never give up easily in life; failure just makes me grow stronger. In addition I convert challenges into opportunities.

NE: What strategies do you have in place in terms of financing your company in the long run?

HN: I will be travelling abroad very soon in order to try attracting foreign investment and furthermore intend to obtain a loan from local financial institutions.

NE: What are your future plans with Pratelova Universal Investment? 

HN: I want to expand my IT business through buying more modernized equipment in order to take on bigger projects. I also intend in future to venture on a small scale into the construction and renovation industry. 

NE: Anything else you want to share with the public?

HN: When I establish myself in the industry I really want to start giving back to the community through donations and employment creation.