Soldiers urged to display good conduct

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Soldiers urged to display good conduct

WALVIS BAY – Members of the Namibian Defence Force were urged to display the conduct and qualities which best represent the force and Namibia as a country.

Vice president Nangolo Mbumba delivered this message on behalf of President Hage Geingob during the graduation of the first intake of the Professional Qualified Officers’ Course (PQOC) in Walvis Bay on Wednesday.

The course, the first of its kind for the NDF, commenced in April 2023 and took place at the Rooikop Military Base in Walvis Bay over 29 weeks.

The intake consisted of 91 professionals from the Navy, Air Force, Special Forces and Defence Force as a whole.

It was conducted in three phases of training, and included basic soldiering skills and marksmanship principles through the skills at arms and field craft subjects for conventional warfare.

The training entailed the training of officer cadets transitioning into commissioned officers, who then become leaders of other soldiers.

Geingob said this course is not only one which will allow the graduates to lead, but also grants them a passage towards self-actualisation.

“It is a passport enabling one to journey towards endless opportunities. Thus, your qualification and subsequent graduation is a rite of passage into a world defined by purpose, dedication and professionalism,” the President said.

He then reminded the graduates about the importance of professionalism, saying it is a core integrant which forms the foundation of modern conventional militaries.

 “As your Commander-In-Chief, I do not want to hear or read about soldiers acting out of character, or endangering the citizens of this country. At all times, you and those officers under you, are expected to exhibit exemplary behaviour while interacting with your peers, superiors and the community. I expect you to perform your duties with tact, respect and discipline,” Geingob added.

 “I am confident that with your newly- acquired qualifications, you will represent the NDF and Namibia with the competency, compassion and respect that will continue to uphold the integrity and stature of the NDF,” he noted.

Speaking on behalf of the graduates, graduate flight officer Nicolette Mogotsi from the Air Force expressed her profound gratitude and appreciation for the training.

She said the training expanded their knowledge and sharpened their capabilities not only as soldiers, but as leaders.

“We want to thank the NDF for identifying us amongst the ranks and files of the force members, based on our potential abilities and possible expandable leadership skills, to undergo this very important course, the PQOC, which is the first of its kind in the history of the force,” she beamed. –