SPCA receives support from local bank

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WINDHOEK – The number of pets neglected during the festive season is usually higher than other times of the year. It is for this reason that Bank Windhoek donated N$20 000 to the Windhoek Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to assist in providing shelter and food to stray pets during this period. Last week, Bank Windhoek donated N$10 000 to the Otjiwarongo SPCA.

Pets often stray when they are left unattended without food and water or left with strangers. Dogs also run astray as they try to seek cover from the annual New Year fireworks detonated in residential areas, which leaves them traumatised and could lead to sudden death.

“It is important that all families who are travelling make the necessary arrangements for their pets to avoid them straying and getting lost or worse, starve to death or being hit by a vehicle. If the pets are left with strangers to take care of them during this period, the pets should be familiarised with the strangers before the family leaves. Families should also ensure that pets have name tags in case they run away or get lost.

The SPCA would like to thank Bank Windhoek for their continuous support to the SPCA and making our work and the lives of the animals we take care of, easier and pleasant”, said Hilary du Plessis, Manager of the Windhoek SPCA.

“Bank Windhoek hopes that families who are travelling will heed the call by the SPCA to make the necessary arrangements for their pets as they travel this December.

Pets not only take care of our valuable properties while we are away, but they are also our friends and an extension of our families. We should therefore make sure that they are well taken care of”, said Elzita Beukes, Communication Practitioner: Stakeholder Engagement at Bank Windhoek.

By Staff Reporter