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Windhoek-Having acknowledged the vital role that teachers play in society, Standard Bank is hosting a couple of Teachers Awareness Days by taking banking to teachers and surrounding communities through workplace banking.

“We have a good standing relationship with the Namibia National Teachers’ Union (Nantu), having previously collaborated with them through various sponsorships. We wanted to continue this tradition and thought that having these Teachers Awareness Days was the best way to do it,” Standard Bank Katutura’s branch manager, Lazarus Shikongo, said this week.

The initiative to take workplace banking to the teachers of Jan Mohr Secondary School and Immanuel Shifidi Secondary School in Katutura is the brainchild of Shikongo and his branch.

“Workplace banking consultants visited the two secondary schools on the 14th and 15th of June from 14h00 to 16h00 so that the teachers and community members could meet with them. We have some customers who are not aware of the new or upgraded products that the bank has to offer so these workplace banking sessions will allow them to make sure they have the right products,” Shikongo explained.

He added that their awareness days were previously restricted to Blue account holders, however they have now been extended to Silver and Gold account holders for them to reach more customers.

“Standard Bank through its workplace banking programme has been encouraging people to spend within their means and earnings especially in this trying economic climate. Because teachers play a vital part in our society, their financial wellness is at the forefront of our minds which is why we thought it best to have these teachers awareness days,” Standard Bank’s workplace banking manager and custodian, Cecilia Hagen-Cloete, explained.

“Most of the times Namibians spend more than what they earn, resulting in unnecessary debt and worry, so that is why it’s important for them to also save for the future. Because of this we decided to open the workplace banking days at schools, open to the surrounding communities, because many of them need the financial assistance the workplace banking consultants can offer,” she said.