Standards institution commemorates Africa Day for Standardisation

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WINDHOEK – The Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) has joined in the commemoration of the Africa Day of Standardisation that aims to raise awareness on the benefits of standardisation to Africa’s economy. The day is being commemorated today, January 17. 

“This celebration of the Africa Day of Standardisation comes at a time when Africa is on a major undisputed ascendance path. By virtue of its vast untapped mineral resources, potentially large consumer market of more than 1 billion and vast opportunities for business, and despite the global economic downturn of recent years, the continent is slowly and surely becoming a major global player with high economic growth rates and increased foreign investment,” read the statement from the NSI.

The statement said the focus of the celebration is raising awareness about the benefits of standardisation, highlighting the role of standardisation for product value addition and industrialisation, encouraging SMEs to participate in standardisation activities which will facilitate their products to be competent within the global export market, and informing businesses about how to use and implement standards in order to be competent in the global market.

The commemoration takes place with the theme ‘Standardisation as a Driver for Improving Africa’s Competitiveness.’

The Africa Day of Standardisation commemorates the birth and founding of the African Organisation for Standardization, formerly the African Regional Organisation for Standardisation (ARSO) by the African Union, the United National Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the commitment of the 21 African governments represented at the launching conference in Accra, Ghana in 1977, to push for the Standardisation and Conformity Assessment Agenda in Africa.

“The celebration of the African Day of Standardisation should be seen as a reflection of the need for achieving the ultimate goal of strengthening Africa’s economic independence and empowering the continent to play its rightful role in the global economy. It should be celebrated with a focus on the role of standardisation in trade as a significant potential tool to help achieve Africa’s sustainable development, which has increasingly played an important role in the strong economic performance of Africa’s economies,” said the statement.

By Staff Reporter