Stereotypes hinder TVET growth, potential: /Goagoses

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Stereotypes hinder TVET growth, potential: /Goagoses

ONGWEDIVA – Deputy minister of Higher Education, Training and Innovation Natalia /Goagoses wants individuals to take TVET education seriously as it is important in shaping the future of the youth.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) has long been plagued by stereotypes which hinder their growth and potential, she noted at the Omuthiya Vocational Training Centre during the official opening of the Omuthiya Youth Expo last week.

“These stereotypes often portray TVET as a lesser option, compared to traditional academic pathways, perpetuating the belief that individuals who pursue TVET are not as intelligent or capable. It is essential to challenge these misconceptions and recognise the value of TVET in today’s society,” she emphasised.

/Goagoses said the only way to overcome these stereotypes is through education and awareness. 

“By highlighting successful individuals who have excelled in their chosen TVET fields, and we can showcase the diverse range of opportunities available, can help dispel the notion that TVET is limited in scope or lacks prestige,” she continued.

The deputy minister mentioned that in today’s rapidly changing world, traditional academic qualifications alone are no longer sufficient.

“Employers seek individuals who possess both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Vocational education bridges the gap by offering specialised training in various fields,” she said.

/Goagoses maintained that it is important to celebrate vocational education in shaping the future of the youth.

“Vocational education equips young individuals with practical skills, which are essential for their personal and professional growth. It provides them with opportunities to explore various career paths, develop technical skills and expertise, and gain hands-on experience,” she observed.