Stokvel group helps vulnerable children

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group of 11 women working for Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb have extended a helping hand to  the Tsumeb family support centre, a non-governmental organisation that provide temporary shelter for victims of gender-based violence in Tsumeb and surrounding areas.

The women group called Women of Merit was established last year and has since been identifying charity organizations and church groups to assist with donations in the form of food and clothing.

The group donated formula milk and some essential groceries as well as old clothing to the shelter that is also home to a baby boy that was dumped near an informal settlement on the outskirts of Tsumeb in February this year.

“We are truly blessed to be blessing others,” said the spokesperson of the group Tjihuze Kanjoa

Leon Hloko, the project co-ordinator and a social worker who received the donations on behalf of the shelter said she was pleased with the kind gesture from the group.

“We are very grateful for the donation. We depend on the hospital for formula milk for our babies and toddlers and sometimes even run out of it and this is really a kind gesture,” she said.

The centre cares for up to 14 children and sometimes also women depending on the nature of the cases of gender-based violence. The facility also provides counselling for victims especially preparing them for court.

The centre depends on donations from the public and businesses. It is registered with the government but not funded directly by the government.