Suspects use loot to buy car and bed

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The City Police arrested two men who broke into and stole money and recharge vouchers valued at N$130 000 from Mama Fresh. The suspects then apparently bought a car (Nissan March), a bed, laptop and clothes. One of the suspects is an employee of Mama Fresh.

City Police spokesperson Cillie Auala said the suspects broke into Mama Fresh at Numbamis on March 29 and stole N$70 000 and recharge vouchers worth N$60 000. She said through intelligence-led investigations and community policing they managed to arrest the culprits and recover some stolen items, such as the recharge vouchers.

“Unfortunately, the money was not recovered, but we confiscated the items bought with the money, such as bed, car, laptop and clothes,” Aula said. She further noted it is important for employers to know their employees, as this break-in was an inside job.

“Businesses should have proper security measures, such as CCTV cameras. If you record, bring it to us. We have profile systems of criminals. We know them. We know their names and where they live.”

Owner of Mama Fresh Martin Shipanga is extremely impressed with the level of service of City Police. Shipanga said from the time the break-in was reported the police were there in no time and began to track the suspects.

Shipanga also cautioned criminals, saying they need to recognise that they are not ahead of law enforcement agencies. “The work done to recover the items is commendable. This should serve as a deterrent to those who commit similar crimes. There is zero tolerance for those who want to earn their living in manner that is criminal and unfair. People must go work hard,” Shipanga remarked.