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Swakopmund deserves better – LPM 

SWAKOPMUND – The Landless People’s Movement candidate for the Swakopmund by-election Tangeni Musheka says the constituency residents deserve a regional councillor that gives them equal access to decent shelter and basic services.

Musheka will be contesting against seven other candidates for the Swakopmund constituency councillor seat on Friday.  

The position was left vacant after previous councillor Ciske Smith-Howard was expelled from the Independent Patriots for Change earlier this year.

Speaking to New Era on her vision for Swakopmund, Musheka said she wants to create equal opportunities for all residents of Swakopmund.

The aspirant, who is currently employed in the hospitality industry, said she wants a community that not only lives in harmony but will be standing together for a better future by creating job and economic opportunities for all.

“Everyone in Swakopmund deserved to be equal and active players in the town’s economic activities and they deserve councillors that don’t steal from them,” she said.

According to her, each and every Swakopmund resident deserves better housing, access to affordable land and job opportunities, and a crime free town.

“This race is about people and their livelihoods, employment creation and poverty reduction. So, you cannot vote for people who have never experienced the challenges us ordinary residents deal with. Our current leaders are just there for self-enrichment and for pushing their own political agendas. They have never slept hungry nor do they know how it feels to lose belongings in a shack fire. We cannot also vote for people who did nothing when they had the chance, but you can vote for me and create a better Swakopmund,” she campaigned.

– edeklerk@nepc.com.na