Swapo boosts fleet with N$3 million worth of vehicles

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WINDHOEK – In an attempt to improve its fleet, the ruling party Swapo spent N$3 million to acquire five Toyota Dakar double cabs for its regional use in Zambezi, Kavango East, Kunene, Hardap and Omaheke.
The party’s executive director Austin Samupwa yesterday handed over the five bakkies to the respective party regional coordinators.

Each of the five bakkies cost N$586 000, translating to a combined N$3 million on total cash spent.
Samupwa said transport for the regional coordinators is very old and no other reliable vehicles were available for other departments and wings. Currently, Swapo Party has a fleet totalling 68 vehicles.

Samupwa revealed 53 of these vehicles are in good running order while 15 are grounded.
He said the ideal situation is to have three vehicles at each regional office. 

These are for the use of the regional coordinator, as well as a double cab and a single cab four-wheel drive vehicles. 
Equally, he said Swapo is in the process of mobilising resources to acquire this total stock as required by the regional offices.
Further, he noted Swapo’s plan, which has been endorsed by the secretariat and political bureau, is to have outdated vehicles auctioned during this financial year.

He cautioned those receiving cars to take care of them. “They are not for personal use, but for the work of the Swapo Party,” Samupwa said.

Furthermore, he implored the recipients to always keep the vehicles clean, presentable and in good running order.
He said they will soon receive fuel cards for the cars which they should never abuse.
Swapo deputy secretary for transport Cornelia Shilunga Cornelia Shilunga, speaking at the same occasion, said acquiring vehicles for all the regions has not been an easy exercise.

She revealed that regional leadership has been struggling for vehicles for long.
“The department was worried over inadequate vehicles in the regions. Lack of transport has been and will continue to be a concern to the department of transport,” she said. She therefore called on those instructed with the fleet to make sure they are well maintained and serviced timeously.

She said any fault should be reported to the transport department and accidents caused by negligence due to misuse or abuse of the vehicles will make the coordinators liable for repair.