Swapo won’t backpedal on development –Mbumba

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Katima Mulilo – Swapo Party Secretary General Nangolo Mbumba says voting for the ruling party in next year’s general election will provide an opportunity for continuous development in the country.

Mbumba singled out free primary education, the expansion of tertiary institutions, green schemes and rural water supply as some of the party’s successes that require continuation.
Mbumba was addressing a Swapo star rally in Katima Mulilo yesterday where thousands of Swapo supporters and members gathered.
According to Mbumba, apart from bringing freedom and independence, Swapo has worked tirelessly to uplift the standard of education in the country.
“We brought freedom and independence. Now we have introduced free primary education and we have even extended that to secondary level. Former teachers’ colleges are now merged with the university [of Namibia] something that never happened before,” said Mbumba.
He urged parents to send their children to school to complement government’s efforts of expanding and increasing access to education.
Mbumba further cited some of the development projects in the Zambezi Region such as the Kalimbeza rice project and the rural water supply pipeline from Katima Mulilo to Ngoma aimed at addressing the water shortage needs of the region as part of the Swapo Party development agenda.
“The pipeline from Katima to Ngoma will be completed soon as well as the tarring of Katima, Linyanti, Sangwali and Kongola road. Apart from that we have the Kalimbeza rice project as well as the Katima bridge which connects Namibia to Zambia,” boasted Mbumba.
He noted that the Swapo Party government was further committed to repealing outdated laws meant to subjugate people, in order to guarantee their rights as enshrined in the constitution.
“The Swapo Party is committed to repealing all laws that are outdated. Some of these laws are violating our people’s rights,” said Mbumba.
Mbumba also singled out the acquisition and distribution of land, gender equality and the increase in pension funds for senior citizens, assistance to war veterans and grants to people with disabilities as some of the priority areas for Swapo once re-elected into power.
Mbumba also used the occasion to denounced divisive leaders. “I urge our regional Swapo leaders to acquaint themselves with the manifesto of the party. There are those people who want to sell or divide our country. Swapo Party is not for that.”
He cited the so-called Caprivi Concerned Group that has taken root in the Zambezi Region with its advocacy to secede the region from the rest of Namibia.
“Namibia is one as stated in the constitution. Anyone who wants to divide Namibia is an enemy of the people. There are some people walking around saying that they are concerned. Well, let them go on being concerned,” said Mbumba
Mbumba, who was impressed with the attendance at the rally which was initially scheduled to be addressed by founding president Dr Sam Nujoma, revealed that Swapo presidential candidate Hage Geingob would visit the region early in November ahead of the elections.
“People of the Zambezi Region are so committed to Swapo. I am happy to address a full stadium. Normally in Swapo we don’t address empty stadiums and trees. We are not crazy, let those who do so do their job and I will do mine. Geingob will come on the 3rd of November to tell you personally what he will do for you,” noted Mbumba.