Swartbooi preaches unity on campaign trail

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Steven Klukowski

KEETMANSHOOP – Landless People’s Movement leader Bernadus Swartbooi says the time has come for the movement to rebuild the nation and unite Namibians so that no one needs to fear the evil of ethnicity again. 

He made these remarks when delivering his keynote address to supporters during a mini rally at Tseiblaagte in Keetmanshoop on Sunday. 
“This majestic meeting clearly demonstrates the kind of political revival never seen before or expected in this part of the country,” said Swartbooi who was addressing a rally ahead of next week’s regional council and local authority elections.

Swartbooi also said if Namibians miscalculate and under expect circumstances during elections, the lives of future generations will then never be changed. 

“This round is another round, it is the time for people who understand political reconstruction and furthermore has internalised challenges, knowing how to address them, to lead this country.”  

He continued that this is the time for leaders of 2020 and beyond and not anymore for those of the 1970-2000 era. The LPM leader said after 30 years, one can clearly see the poor performance of the ruling party, saying it has led the nation in pain and agony.  “They make people move from brick houses provided during colonial times to shacks after 30 years,” he added.  Swartbooi told supporters the government has forgotten about nation-building after independence.

“If nation building fails, state-building fails, which will cause that there will not be representative democracy anymore,” he said. The political leader also warned that it has been proven in some African countries that ethnicity can spark the outbreak of civil war, as through ethnicity, only one specific group will receive special treatment. 

He added both white and black Namibians were crucial in the process of nation-building. Swartbooi also had a message for young voters.

 “I, however, embrace you today as the ones that will reshape politics in this country and furthermore taking the lead in reshaping your future, it is indeed commendable,” he said. 
He also warned the youth to be vigilant and alert during this period prior to elections. 
“You must be ready and prepared to defend the democracy of this country,” Swartbooi urged.
– sklukowski@nepc.com.na